Engage Your Customers with Content Marketing

Marketing cannabis is so much different than any other product or service, most of the traditional methods of advertising are closed to you.  You can’t really do commercials or billboard advertising, online advertising is very restricted as well but the one avenue that is open to you is content marketing.  You can engage your customers with content marketing that represents your brand.  You can set yourself apart from the competition and become the authority on all things regarding the cannabis industry.

Here are some guidelines that you should keep in mind while creating content for your website:

  • Write some “how to rank a dispensary near me” guides on the cannabis industry and educate your potential customers about your dispensary and why they should shop there.
  • Why is your brand so much better than the competition and how can they benefit from your dispensary.
  • Give the personal touch, people love it. Include in your content some testimonials from customers.  You can even include them from staff and family about how this is a great place to work and shop.
  • Include links to all your social profiles so that your visitors can follow you, post lots of pics and video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Update your blog regularly with fresh content and you can include news from the industry as a whole.

Work with your digital marketing company that created your website so that you or they can develop an ongoing strategy for content marketing.  You can develop a newsletter and mailing list.  Map out content creation and how it can work to enhance your brand.  Here are some other ways that you can come up with fresh and engaging content.

Blogging to Engage Your Customers

A blog is an incredible tool to keep your dispensary in the minds of current and potential customers.  However you need the right content, you need to answer questions your customers may have, educate them and keep them on your website.  Here are some tips on doing just that.

  • Use SEO techniques such as keyword research and properly written content to not only keep your customers engaged but to rank higher in the search engines as well. Better rankings make it easier to find you.
  • Make your content relevant, if you’re in the cannabis industry no one wants to read a blog post about the pot holes plaguing your drive to work.
  • Use calls to action that will prompt your readers to go where you want them to. Whether you want them to call your dispensary, sign up for your newsletter or buy some of your cannabis related products online.
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